安联妇婴医院迎来美国驻华大使馆医疗官及美国驻沈阳总领事馆医疗人员参观考察后,11月12日,安联再次迎来法国驻沈阳总领事馆的副领事Ms. Karine Aumont欧凯林女士与助理Ms. Marie一行参观交流。

After the earlier November visit with the medical officers of the U.S. Embassy, Roicare once again  welcomed another international visit with Ms. Karine Aumont, Vice Consul of French Consulate General in Shenyang, and her assistant Ms. Marie for their visit.



With the warm reception of Roicare International Clinic’s team to accompany Ms. Karine Aumont and her assistant visited the Obstetric Outpatient Department, Natural Childbirth Center, Postpartum Care Center, NICU, Children's Growth Center and Gynecology Center. They learned an abundance of information about Roicare’s services and concept including a detailed exchange and discussion on the overall medical technology.



Roicare’s experts with international backgrounds and fluent English communicate with Patients directly, which makes communications as clear as necessary. Ms. Karine Aumont noted how important this is for foreign guests. 



Meanwhile they also learned, as one of the first foreign-related designated hospitals in Shenyang, Roicare was approved by the provincial health commission to set up a Prenatal Diagnosis Center in 2018. This is the first among the non-public medical institutions in China, and its prenatal diagnosis and genetic counseling technology capacity is at the leading level in the province.

超声中心由国内知名产前超声诊断专家解丽梅副院长担任学科带头人,拥有GE VolusonE8、E10,Philips EPIQ5、EPIQ7等国际顶级配置的超声设备,产前超声诊断能力在全国享有盛誉。同时安联拥有自己的实验室,基因检测、无创DNA检测、羊水穿刺等产前筛查和诊断技术全省领先。

Roicare Ultrasound Center is led by Dr. Limei Xie, a well-known prenatal ultrasound diagnosis expert in China with international top-level ultrasound equipment, building a high reputation in the region.  Roicare also has a laboratory located in the hospital; Gene testing technology, noninvasive DNA detection technology, amniocentesis and other technologies are in the lead of the province.


在产科病房,欧凯林女士一行对走廊电视播放的产前运动视频赞赏有加,并对安联自主研发的Talk to Patients 3D医疗软件表示出浓厚兴趣,温馨舒适的环境也让她们深深感叹:“安联对孕产妇和宝贝的照护真是太贴心了!”

In the obstetrics ward, Ms. Aumont stopped and watched the video presentation to  learn about the “Talk To Patients” 3D medical software developed by Roicare. The warmth and comfortable environment also gave them a deep impression of the heart to heart nursing and care for pregnant women and baby.


In the LDR room of the obstetrics ward, the expectant mother can give birth in the room with the company of their family members. They highly appreciated the gentle delivery services such as painless delivery, Doula delivery, free position delivery and the water delivery service. 


The record of successful treatment of 26 weeks premature infant at Roicare has also been evaluated highly by Ms. Aumont, who expressed high appreciation for the excellent medical technology of the paediatrics experts of Roicare.



After the visit, President Hui Li, who had just completed a patient operation, warmly welcomed Ms. Aumont and her assistant. After listening to the story of Dr. Li, Ms. Aumont greatly appreciated Dr. Li's ability and invited her to participate in the recent activities of the French Consulate. She hoped that both of them could learn more about the culture differences, communicate and promote one other and contribute to the long-term friendship between China and France.



The French Consulate in Shenyang has visited Roicare hospital many times and appreciates the service and concept of Roicare. In July 2018, Shenyang's first French family baby was born safely in Roicare.




With its concepts of health, international service and professional medical technology, Roicare has become the preferred hospital for delivery and medical treatment of many foreign clients in Shenyang. To date, Roicare has provided high-quality delivery services for mothers from more than 30 countries across the world, with dozens of international Roicare babies who have been successfully born. Our patient families will enjoy one-on-one personal care with multi-lingual nurses throughout the entire visit. Roicare International’s medical service wins the trust and praise of the international community.



Roicare International Clinic now provides full-service models and intimate care for your health. Medical services include:

Obstetrics, Pediatrics,


Gynecology, Internal Medicine,


Surgery, Dermatology,


Orthopedics, Otolaryngology,


Ophthalmology, Dental Service.


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